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 VMC's Purpose, Mission, Benefits, & Membership Requirements

The Purpose of the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC)

The Vintage Motorsports Council is organized exclusively for educational and nonprofit purposes.  The purpose of the VMC is to provide a coordinating body for vintage motor sports.  It is the intent of the VMC to provide its Members with a forum to address matters impacting the continued growth and health of vintage motor sports.  The VMC is an advisory and coordinating body which may establish recommended rules and regulations for the benefit of its Members. VMC shall be operated exclusively for such purposes; no part of its activities shall be carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation; and it shall not participate in, or intervene in (including publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.  

Mission Statement of VMC

The primary objective of the sport of vintage and historic automobile racing and the VMC is to promote the preservation of these great old cars in a racing format which emphasizes the fun factor, camaraderie, driver safety and etiquette. The sport is intended to provide a format for friendly wheel-to-wheel competition with vehicles faithfully prepared to their era. 

All racing is dangerous and only the proper attitude of the driver and the careful preparation of the cars will diminish the danger and will enhance our appreciation of this sport.

Benefits of VMC Membership

  • Access to the VMC insurance program for insuring race events sanctioned by VMC member organization

  • Access to Directors and Officers insurance and General Liability insurance for the member organization

  • Access to the National VMC Competition License process for their members 

  • Access to various VMC sponsored publications and programs such as The Ace Factor and various VMC suggested policies.   The Ace Factor is also available for retail purchase.

  • Access to the SFI Foundation via the VMC's group membership in this important safety oriented organization

  • And most importantly, the ability to participate in the biannual VMC meetings where mutual industry problems, opportunities, ideas, and industry standards are discussed and shared.

VMC Membership Requirements

As noted, the purpose and mission of VMC is to provide support for organizations which are involved with vintage racing.  Consequently membership is limited to organizations (non-profit or for-profit) that have a bone fide business structure, are primarily devoted to the sport of vintage racing, have successfully conducted at least one event, and  satisfy some other requirements.  The policy for membership and the details for application can be read in their entirety via this link.