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The VMC Competition License

Due to the stunning growth of vintage racing over the past decades, vintage events can now be found virtually year-round somewhere in North America.  So, if you plan on racing a lot with other clubs, you may wish to also obtain a VMC license.  VMC thus offers a National Vintage Competition License which is accepted at other vintage clubs across the country.  


Please Note:  In recent years, all vintage racing organizations and the SCCA will honor a Competition Racing License issued by other VMC organizations.  Thus the need for a VMC National Competition License is not requisite in most situations.  However, you may still apply for one as an additional credential is you wish.  


When applying for a VMC License, your "Home VMC" organization will be consulted to be sure you are a member in good standing, are not under current probation or suspension, and have sufficient wheel-to-wheel racing capability. Your Medical Examination date  must be less than a year old.  


You can apply via our new Online Application or via a Paper Application.  However, we STRONGLY recommend the Online choice.  It's easier, faster, and less prone to USPS delivery delays and even failures.


The Online Application:  The Online process is quicker and easier.  Have a PDF copy of your medical exam and a passport-like photo available on your computer to easily locate and "Upload" when asked.  Payment can be made with a Credit Card or PayPal. There is also a payment option to "Pay by Check" which requires you then mail the check. Use "Pay By Check" if you must, but we await the check's arrival before issuing the License.  Whereas if paid by credit card or PayPal, the turn-around time is minimal.  It will be delivered by email ASAP.


A Paper Application [Please use the above Online method if you can.] After downloading the Paper Application and filling it out, you'll be instructed to mail it. along with a copy of your medical. a passport-like picture, and a check to the appropriate person at your home VMC organization. This is so they can confirm your membership status, that you are qualified to race wheel-to-wheel, and  are NOT under probation or suspension. If approved, they will then  forward your paper application with your check and picture to VMC for issuing the License.  Credit cards are NOT accepted when using the paper application. Hint:  This "Paper Chase" is quite slow and USPS is not terribly dependable, thus our recommendation to use the Online Application.


Questions:  Contact VMC-License@the-vmc.com