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Links of Interest

The Ace Factor  (Now in it's 3rd edition)

When considering how to get started in vintage racing, you my wish to purchase a copy of  The Ace Factor, an excellent publication commissioned by the VMC and produced by E. Paul Dickinson  

VMC commissioned E. Paul Dickinson to author this 122-page highly illustrated textbook about the basics of automobile racing.  E. Paul is a track-savvy veteran who has earned SCCA National, IMSA, Grand-Am and FIA licenses, starting in the mid-60s and on through the 90s. He is a six-time SCCA Solo National Champion as well as road racer who partnered and drove for Porsche’s Factory Playboy/Escort Endurance Racing Team.  E. Paul was chief instructor and owner of a 40-acre SCCA approved driver training center that also provided accredited law enforcement driver training programs. He was Chief Instructor for Historic Sports Car Racing (HSR) from 1995 through 2002. A member since 1997 and currently Strategic Adviser to the Board of the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC), E. Paul developed and conducts VMC’s Nationwide Instructor Certification Program.  He is the Official Driving Instructor at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, and designed and directed Track Orientation Programs at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion and Pre-Reunion, and the Porsche Rennsport Reunions 5 & 6.  E. Paul brings workshops, programs, talks, and individual coaching directly to clients at locations of their choosing in North America.

The Ace Factor is now in it its 3rd edition, is widely used by organizations in their racing school curriculums and/or to provide to racers new to the sport.  It is an excellent text book on the basics of racing (terminology, technique, etc.) and provides an overview of the vintage racing ethic. 

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 (NOTE:  If you wish to buy books in bulk quantities (20 or more) contact Treasurer@the-VMC.com for special prices.)

How To Get Started In Vintage Racing

Victory Lane Magazine has publishes excellent articles about the sport of Vintage Racing, including "How to get started in vintage racing."   It provides considerable information about the many choices and avenues to enjoy our chosen sport.  Great reading for anyone getting started in the sport.

VMC Mechanical Failures List

In the interest of safety over the years, VMC has accumulated a list of potential or common mechanical failures which can impact the safety of various vintage race cars.  This Mechanical Failures List can be of great value when preparing a car by checking this compilation for any of these possible vulnerabilities. 

Should you be aware of any car specific failure which you feel are perhaps endemic to a particular car, please feel free to report them to the VMC for inclusion in this list.  You can report sending your findings to any of the VMC officers listed on the home page.

VMC Flag Sheet


VMC_-Flags-2015.jpg (48650 bytes)

VMC has produced a color flag sheet explaining the meaning of the various flags used at vintage races.  While there may be deviations at specific tracks for unique situations, these are the generally accepted meaning of the flags.   Click on the image above for printable PDF of the flag sheet.



Heacock_logo.jpg (190860 bytes)For the entire existence of the VMC, Heacock Insurance has provided a group insurance policy which many VMC organizations use to insure their racing events. Further, Heacock provides many VMC organizations with their General Liability policies and their Directors & Officers insurance.  In addition to provide these insurance policies/services to VMC,  Heacock also provides individuals with collector car, race car, trailer, etc. stated value insurance. These insurance services to individuals can be found on the "Collector car" section of their website.


Magazines/Books for Vintage Racers

There are a number of periodicals which are of interest to the vintage racing community.  In addition to covering the sport, each always has a strong offering of classified ads for race cars. 

Classic Motorsports

Grassroots Motorsports

Victory Lane

Vintage Oval Racing

Vintage Motorsport

Vintage Racecar

Vintage Racing Quarterly


For you book collectors, our very own VMC Secretary, William Taylor, via his Coterie Press, has produce some some great car books commemorating sports and racing cars with emphasis on McLaren, Lotus, Morgan and the great Jim Clark.  Or visit their FaceBook page.